Alda is open source and available for free. You can run it from the command line on your Mac (10.12 Sierra or newer), Windows, or Linux computer.

Step 1: Install Java

Alda’s sound engine requires Java to be installed.

To verify whether or not you have Java installed, open a terminal and run java -version.

If you don’t have Java installed yet, we recommend downloading and installing the latest stable release of OpenJDK from Adoptium.

Step 2: Download Alda

Step 3: Put it on your PATH

Try it out!

In a new terminal, run these commands to verify that you’ve installed Alda correctly:

alda version
alda doctor
alda --help
alda play -c "(tempo! 160) trumpet: (quant 60) f12 b- > d f6 d12 f1"

If you’re having trouble, please don’t hesitate to ask for help in the Alda Slack group!

Next steps

Once you’re up and running with Alda, we recommend: